The mission of the WPB-CAT is to be innovative in our approach to inspire, motivate, and prepare youth and adults for career opportunities and success through arts and job training programs.


Established in 2018, The West Palm Beach Center for Arts and Technology (WestPalmCAT) offers arts education to high school youth and targeted job training, support, and employment services to prepare adults and students to obtain and retain local jobs.

The WestPalmCAT is modeled after Pittsburgh’s Manchester Bidwell Center, founded by entrepreneur Bill Strickland. As a result, 79% of adults who complete the program attain employment and over 95% of high school students enrolled in the program graduate high school.

Bill Strickland envisioned a thriving global network of centers that provide high school students mentorship opportunities in the arts, and unemployed, underemployed, or adults in transition with life-changing career training. Therefore, WestPalmCAT contributes to that vision by working with the West Palm Beach community.


Since 1968, the Manchester-Bidwell Center has developed successful strategies to address low educational achievement among youth and high unemployment rates among adults. MBC’s fusion of mentorship, education, beauty, and hope creates a space for students of any age to learn.

This empowering philosophy promotes on-time high school graduation, the pursuit of higher education, as well as effective transitions into rewarding careers that pay a living wage and provide opportunities for advancement.


WPBCAT is located within the Historic Northwest neighborhood of West Palm Beach.


NCAT’s philosophy and approach create a powerful and positive impact on people’s lives.


95% of students who attend MBC youth arts courses during high school graduates pursue higher education.


79% of adults enrolled in MBC career training programs successfully complete their training, earning either an accredited diploma or associate degree.


82% of graduates are employed in positions that pay $11-$19 per hour or $23,000-$32,000 annually.